Exercise and how I (almost) healed my prolapse

One day, hopefully soon, my vagina will go from being one of the first things I think about to one of the last.


Five tips to helping your prolapse feel less prolapsey

My baby has a flat head. Not, like, the whole head . . . just the right side. He's a good sleeper, a chill baby, and really likes hanging out in our big bed. He also REALLY likes to lie on his right side, hence the flattening. My first baby was one of those kids … Continue reading Five tips to helping your prolapse feel less prolapsey

Prolapseasaurus: my post-baby vagina

It's one thing to have a prolapse (or other assorted pelvic floor dysfunction awfulness) but it's a whole other ballgame when the health professional across from you says to stop doing the things you need to in order to live your life. Like, lifting heavy bags of groceries, putting a baby in an infant car seat into your vehicle, picking up your toddler when he's in the having a massive meltdown in the middle of the store and you need to dash.

Introducing the Pelvic Floor Pathway

In my province we have something called the Pelvic Floor Pathway. It’s a referral-based publicly-funded health care service for women experiencing pelvic floor weakness, urinary and/or fecal incontinence, and prolapses among other symptoms. A few years back, my province declared war on surgical wait times. The experts looked at surgeries with long waiting lists – … Continue reading Introducing the Pelvic Floor Pathway

Happy Mother’s Day: I got you a prolapse

It was Mother’s Day. For me, the past two MDs have meant sleeping in, over eating carbs, and celebrating my gorgeous human, now my gorgeous two humans. But this MD I scored a new enhancement that would see me waiting in the emergency room for strangers look at my still bleeding lady parts. It’s all a mama could ask for.