Things you can (usually) expect in pelvic floor physical therapy

If you're reading this, chances are you're vaguely - or incredibly -interested in what happens in a pelvic floor physical therapy session. I know I sure was when I scheduled my first session way back in July 2013. Now, my list is by no means exhaustive or representative of every pelvic floor physical therapist so … Continue reading Things you can (usually) expect in pelvic floor physical therapy


It’s the end of the world as I know it

Sometime in the past couple of weeks my (just turned) three-year-old wanted me to pick him up from the floor and swing him up in the air to catch him. It's something I've done hundreds of times and was this way until 36 weeks while pregnant with my second kid. And I've been doing exercises specifically … Continue reading It’s the end of the world as I know it

Skill Level Unlocked: Vagenius

Have you come across this quiz by Caroline Kee at Buzzfeed? It’s really quick and, if you’re anything like me, super fun because you love quizzes. I scored a 14 because I, apparently, know nothing about ovaries and the stuff they got inside of them. If my boys were old enough I’d make them do … Continue reading Skill Level Unlocked: Vagenius

Introducing the Pelvic Floor Pathway

In my province we have something called the Pelvic Floor Pathway. It’s a referral-based publicly-funded health care service for women experiencing pelvic floor weakness, urinary and/or fecal incontinence, and prolapses among other symptoms. A few years back, my province declared war on surgical wait times. The experts looked at surgeries with long waiting lists – … Continue reading Introducing the Pelvic Floor Pathway

Happy Mother’s Day: I got you a prolapse

It was Mother’s Day. For me, the past two MDs have meant sleeping in, over eating carbs, and celebrating my gorgeous human, now my gorgeous two humans. But this MD I scored a new enhancement that would see me waiting in the emergency room for strangers look at my still bleeding lady parts. It’s all a mama could ask for.